Monday, March 30, 2009

The end of a semester -

Here we are. Missing from our photo are Loralei and Babette. It's the end of the semester. Much wax has been painted and friendships have been formed. A very worthwhile effort.

Barbara - Windy Active

Tessa - Spirals

Tessa - Earth

Alix - No and Yes

Alix - Ds and Ws

Alix - Lay of the Land

Alix - Stripes

Alix - Surging Waters

The end . . . for now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Encaustic Painting - open work week

This week is a continuation of last week so bring your usual suspects to work on.

Alix - Emotional Interplay

Alix - Thoughts From the Red Dot Door

Alix - Subtle Insinuations

Alix - Mask

Suzanne - World Produce

Tessa - Treetops

Tessa - Curves

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sources for Encaustic Painting, Winter 2009, BBAC

I'll add more to these as I think of them.


PVA (polyvinyl acetate) - I got it from Hollanders but it is in the catalog of Dick Blick, Utrechts, probably many others

anything having to do with plexiglas - Plastic Tech in Ann Arbor: 734.665.3580

beeswax -

The Art of Encaustic Painting: Contemporary Expression in the Ancient Medium of Pigmented Wax by Joanne Mattera
Encaustic Workshop: Artistic Techniques for Working with Wax by Patricia Seggebruch

R & F Encaustic - for everything encaustic and lots of information:

Enkaustikos: art supplies including encaustic:

The Scrapbox in Ann Arbor for bits and pieces to use in mixed media

Blogs, websites, pages:

Next Encaustic Painting Class

Hi everyone. Here are the images for last week. Below those is the information for this week. I'll post "Sources" on a separate post.

Loralei - Street Target

Loralei - Street Trash

Loralei - Street Trash 2

Tessa - Curves in progress

I don't have any demonstrations in mind so if there is anything you'd like to ask me to demonstrate, please do. If Tessa, Barbara, Suzanne and/or Babette want to bring work for a little group critique, do so.

Bring your normal encaustic load.

I'll bring:
plexi adhesive
Jon Wilson's work so you can see how he "paints with fire"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Encaustic Painting on Plexiglas

Alix - "World's Oceans"

Tessa - "Woodland"

Tessa - "Evolution"

Hi everyone. I'll demonstrate painting on plexiglas this week. The main thing here is to think in washes of sheer color. I'm told I'll be able to pick up the plexi on Wednesday. Babette, I have one 12x12 square plus cleats for you if you want it. If you don't, I'll keep it.

I plan on asking each of you what you want to do during the following 2 class periods. If you read this in time, bring in your favorite pieces of what you've done so far. They don't have to be finished. Maybe we can do a bit of a group critique and help each of you sort out where to go next.