Sunday, February 8, 2009

Encaustic Painting - poured, painted wax on images

Hi everyone. Here are some of the images from last week. Below those are some words about this Thursday.

Alix - Floating Elements

Alix - St. Valentine

Alix - Circular

Tessa - Grey Study

Tessa - Dots on Snow

Loralei - Water and Oil

Alix - Tic, Tac . . .

Alix - Dorothy Unhinged

Loralei - Lifting from the Grid

Loralei - Enmeshed

This week we're going to paint wax on one of the paper images you've attached to panel and pour wax on the other. If you haven't attached paper to panel and want to, bring your panel and paper this week and we'll do it then. I'll bring my PVA. The painting wax on an image is fairly straight forward. We'll do that first while we wait for wax to melt.

About pouring, it will be easier to do if you have a vessel to heat the wax in that you can lift off your hot surface and pour from - say an old saucepan with a flat bottom. If you don't have something like that just bring your stuff and we'll sort it out.

See you Wednesday.

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