Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wax on January 28 - Encaustic Monoprints

Alix - "Draw the Line Here"

Alix - "Nine Layer Cake"

Hello everyone. The snow is white but the sky is cloudy. Hoping for Colorado's blue sky soon.

This is a reminder to bring the things that Leslie suggested to the next class on the 28th - 
- paper small enough to fit on your heated surfaces
- encaustic, oil pastels or encaustic bars if you have them
- cakes of sheer color in wax
- graphite, pencils, carbothello pencils if you have them

For paper, Leslie suggests both kozo or printmaking papers. The less size on the surface, the better so printmaking paper is better than watercolor paper but nothing is written in stone.

Check out Leslie's website

Also, if you can paint two panels (including the cradled one, if you wish) white with some white gesso, acrylic or watercolor before the class on February 4, that would be great. If not, I'll bring the correct stuff this time and you can paint it in class. For those of you who do have your panels painted, please bring the images you want to adhere to the panel and we'll glue them down. I'll bring some PVA but if anyone else has some, please bring it also. We'll probably have enough with mine. You'll be backup.

I don't know if I've mentioned it before but the panel that you want to pour wax on (one of the white painted panels) should be of a size that will fit in your hot gizmo. You will need to get the white painted panel with the image glued on warm before you pour hot wax on it. The other white panel can be any size as you will be painting wax on top of the image. If you're confused, email or call me.

See you in February!

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