Thursday, January 15, 2009

wax in week three

Alix - "Yellow Dot"

Hello everyone. Tessa reminded me of something. If you're new to encaustic you should use this semester to explore and experiment. Set yourself some goals - I'll help you with that if you want - but don't make "producing a work of art" one of them. Some goals to help you learn the wax process might be:
- try to bury some imagery or marks under layers of wax so they appear faintly on top
- blend a nice gradation, from white to black or blue to pink, or red to black. Anything really so you begin to see how transparent/opaque work in this medium
- paint a portion of your board with texture and make the other part smooth
- practice line making then bury it in wax, do more line making, bury it, etc. After you have built up a bit, scratch back through to some bottom layers.

I'll think of some more of these exercises.

Here is the link to the slideshow of mostly encaustic work that most of you saw last Wednesday : wax and fire slideshow - Jan. 09 

About 21 January - week 3
Our itinerary says we are to:
- continue gluing panels
- paint 12x12 white - I'll bring white gesso for everyone. If you have both panels that are to be painted we can paint them whether or not they are glued.
- make some cakes of very weak colors to use with Leslie next week
- I'll demo the use of stencils
- I'll also demo making pigment paste (with cold wax) to fill lines. I talked it but didn't do it.


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