Friday, January 9, 2009

What's coming January 14. . . . and beyond

Hi everyone. Here are some thoughts about our next class. The agenda says:

- begin gluing cradles - I'll bring the Titebond Glue
- begin attaching cradles to 12x12 panel if you have it
- paint with wax
- demo on introducing lines
- while our wax is melting we can look at the slide show of encaustic (mostly) work I grabbed off the internet

To do these things you will need:
- encaustic medium - if you have to continue making it in class that's ok. It will slow you down on painting but, I promise, no one will frown at you.
- pigments, oil paints or encaustic sticks - You may refer to the materials list I gave you for basic colors but if you don't have those you can really start with anything. We talked a little about other coloring/texturing elements - things like spices, fireplace ash, dirt. Whatever you think of that isn't too toxic.
- you will need some wood panels - 12x12 and smaller - to experiment on - 20 of various or same size should allow you to keep some you like and repaint those you don't care about
- bring back your cradle pieces if you have your 12"x12" panel
- brushes
- electric skillet, hot palette or flat heating device
- tins to contain various colors, medium on your heating device

Bring if you have but don't go out and purchase:
- strap clamp
- pigment sticks
- grease pencil
- tool to gouge lines in wax

You will need eventually:
- dorlands cold medium
- PVA adhesive or acrylic medium - we won't need this until February
- 12x12 x 1/4" plexiglas - I'll arrange to purchase these for everyone unless you want to get your own
- 2 - 12"x12" wood panels (I recommend 1/4" birch plywood) - one of these will be used with the cradle
- optional: a larger piece of wood to paint on - say, 18" x 24". If you want to work on a larger piece like this you may want to cradle it before you begin painting so it will be ready to hang when you finish the surface.

Sources to check out:
- R&F Encaustic
- The Art of Encaustic Painting: Contemporary Expression in the Ancient Medium of Pigmented Wax by Joanne Mattera


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